Bollywood Tour

The company named SJ Studio has launched its inhouse production in 2015, at Mumbai

Further, we have advanced an initiative called ‘Bollywood Tourism’ for foreign national tourists, many of whom are not just ‘Bollywood’ enthusiasts and fans, but are also intrigued about the process of filming followed by the Indian film industry. They look up to Mumbai as the main cultural hub of all the activities of films/ TV serials. We, at S.J. Studios, hope to provide an impression to our esteemed visitors, one that is entrenched in the world of entertainment as we know it here in ‘Bollywood’. The tour is a guided experience, through the various locations in the studio, a Gallery Walk around the various hand-painted ‘Walls of Artwork’, Photo Galleries, visit to the specially installed Memorabilia store, screening of a specially designed film, chronicling the journey of Indian cinema; all this finished off with a hugely entertaining, high-octane medley Bollywood Performance.

We hope to make the studio an integral part of itinerary of many tourists visiting Mumbai to help them appreciate the magic and beauty of the industry.